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Matana South Seas Koro Island

This rarely available, undeveloped, 806 acre, freehold property boasts deep water harbors and channels for large yacht accessibility, 4+ miles of white sand beaches and live coral reefs that are an extension of the iconic Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Own this rare Fijian paradise and experience the secluded natural beauty and peace that this island living offers.

Property Details Specifications & Pricing

To find the most beautiful lands on the earth, you’re going to have to search far and wide. Such was the case with Captain Bligh of His Majesty’s ship “Providence”, who came across Koro Island in the midst of a historical 1789 journey. Although first discovered over two centuries ago, the breathtaking beauty of Koro Island remains timeless. Matana South Seas, which consists of 807 acres of this incredible land, is available as a rare fee-simple purchase.

The property’s original purpose was actually a coconut plantation, and the land became a great supplier of “Copra”, which is the dried kernel of a coconut, usually boiled in order to extract coconut oil. The abundance of these materials has led Koro Island to become completely energy independent, with copra bio-fuel supplying all of the island’s energy.

The population of Koro is all English speaking, with the primary religion being Christianity. There are two Fijian villages near the Matana South Seas providing a local supply of workers at a reasonable wage (current Fijian minimum wage rate is $13.11 USD). Tourism projects are eligible for tax holidays dependent upon the level of investment. Duty free import includes equipment, machinery, plant, FF materials and FF&E amongst other items.

Surrounded by a live coral reef extended from the Great Barrier Reef, the indescribable seascape makes an amazing view from the 4 miles of pristine, untouched white-sand beaches. Located on the Northwestern side of the island, rainfall is never a constant problem. The climate and geographic benefits also include the ability to swim at high and low tides, incredible diving sites, and ease of access. Helping ensure that this beauty remains untouched is an agreement from the Fijian government that no roads shall be located along the beachfront.

In addition to the jaw-dropping ocean views that make each sunset an awe-inspiring event, the Matana South Seas acreage features some of the most beautiful natural water features including falls, creeks and running streams.

With a population of just 4,500, Koro Island represents one of the most versatile opportunities for development on the globe. With a history rooted in agriculture, but land that can be repurposed for both residential and commercial housing, your future is limitless at the Matana South Seas.

The island houses an airport that is just 30 minutes away from Suva (Fiji’s capital), while the property itself is accessible by seaplane. A deep water harbor provides safe anchorage in any type of weather, with multiple locations for docks and piers. The relative flatness of the property’s many acres make an airstrip a natural development option.

$22,500,000 USD

Wailolo 210 acres, Nola 234 acres, Matana 276 acres, Nadawa 86 acres.

Pricing for individual parcels/folios available upon request.

Geological & Climate Features

  • An average of over 230 days of sun, in a warm tropical climate
  • Significant coral reefs that extend from the Great Barrier Reef
  • The ability to safely swim at High and Low tides
  • As a property on the Northwestern side of the island, rainfall will never be a problem
  • Lowest point: sea level
  • Highest point: 500’ above sea level (along the timeberline)
  • Sunsets, valleys, slopes and flats good for building with little to no constraints
  • Heavy tree cover gives a beautiful parcel of land that maximizes the options for privacy and conservation
  • Koro Island is considered to have the most fertile land and soil of the Fijian archipelago

Sale & Endowed Benefits

  • Government Incentives for Hotel Development
    • No corporate tax on profits for 20 years
    • Duty free entry of all capital, equipment, machinery and plant dependent upon level of investment and Fijian government approval
    • FF materials and FF&E
    • 55% write-off on all capital expenditures depending on the investment level and approval by the Fijian government.
    • Losses can be carried forward for eight years
  • International Access to Fiji

Acreage Detail

Certificate of Title 5588 – Koro Island (part of) known as “Matana” consisting of 806 Freehold (fee simple) acres. “Matana” consists of the 4 following land titles:

  • Folio C.G.500 known as “Nadawa” consisting of 86 acres
  • Folio C.G.357 known as “Matana” consisting of 276 acres
  • Folio C.G.473 known as “Nola#1” consisting of 234 acres
  • Folio C.G.499 known as “Wailolo” consisting of 211 acres

The above separate but contiguous land title holdings offer the new owners development options over the entire or parts of “Matana”, as the case may be.

Property Assets

  • Property is Freehold/Fee Simple, approximately only 10% of land in Fiji is Freehold/Fee Simple
  • 4+ miles of white sand beaches, all swimmable at high and low tides
  • Live coral reefs are an extension of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia
  • No government roads along the beachfront
  • Deep water harbor and channels
  • Ample locations for major docks and piers
  • Ideal private airstrip location
  • Seaplane & helicopter accessible
  • Ideal building sites for a resort or private homes.
  • Sunset and ocean views
  • Multiple golf course sites
  • Property is located on the dry side of Koro Island (Northwest location, low rainfall)
  • Local energy is available
  • Ample water sources due to rivers, waterfall and natural springs
  • Multiple villages are close by as a source of quality workforce, no worker housing required
  • English and Fijian are the primary languages
  • Commercial air and ferry services are available from Suva and Nadi
  • Flight time from Koro Island to Nadi International Airport is approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Flight time to Suva, the capitol of Fiji is approximately 30 minutes
  • Matana South Seas is located within the Golden Circle of proximity to the capitol of Suva and Nadi International Airport
  • A medical clinic is accessible in an adjacent Fijian village
  • No property taxes
  • No government roads along the beachfront

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